Tuesday, 9 September 2008

The Return of Bad Coffee

It has been a long time but it is back, this is the return of bad coffee. I know none of you will remember but it is an old thread about the poorest coffee I have ever tried. There is a chart but at the moment it only has 2 entries, they are Wetherspoons and TGI’s coffee, oh god they are awful but we now have a new entry. Yesterday we went to test drive a new Fiat 500, which was very nice, at the Bournemouth dealership but they asked us if we would like a tea or a coffee. Italian cars, Italian music playing, and the Fiat dealership playing on the Italian thing quite hard, what could possibly go wrong? Well, the cappuccino arrived. All looked good, good firm foam, pointless sprinkled coco powder on the top but when I tasted it it all went wrong. It wasn’t that it tasted bad; it just didn’t taste of anything at all. I am confused as to how this can happen, how can you create an inert coffee-like substance? I think this takes a certain degree of skill and dedication.
So the chart now looks like this,

1) TGI Fridays, just awful, not sure it was even coffee,
2) Wetherspoons, advertised as super cheap and you can see why it is,
3) Bournemouth’s Fiat Dealership, tasteless hot liquid.

Russell Brand at the MTV VMAs, too many letters if you ask me, was very funny, just have a quick look at this,

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