Thursday, 18 September 2008

The Crushing Disappointment of Everyday Life.

When I arrived home I had a little note from my postman, it seems I had a package that he wanted to deliver but it was too big for my letter box. What was contained within this exciting receptacle? Was it the American Music Club CD’s that I ordered? Was it the Belle and Sebastian Live at the BBC plus a goody bag that I ordered? Was it one of a number of exciting things that I was expecting to come by post? So, pacing around the house like a coiled spring, I waited for 5pm to arrive. At 5 minutes to 5 o’clock I started to tie my shoe laces, feet suitably protected from the pavement I braved outside. I brimmed with excitement during the 5 minute stroll to my local post office depot, what could it be, oh what could be? I arrived and handed my little card in, CD’s, please let it be CD’s. What was it you ask? I know you’re on the edge of your seats. For some reason British Gas had sent me 4 energy saving light bulbs. Can you imagine how very disappointed I was? I didn’t even need the light bulbs as all my light bulbs are energy saving anyway. I was crushed.

Just a quick mention of the Paralympics. How great was the Great Britain team? I’ll answer that question for you, really bloody great. They have ended up second in the medal table, 102 medals, with 42 of them being Gold. I haven’t covered it very much because I haven’t been able to watch very much of it. On the BBC they have been giving us 1hr of highlights a day. 1hr! For the Olympics it was hour after joy filled sporting hour but for the brilliant wheelchair basket ball 1hr of highlights. It’s not really good enough. I do hope that in 2012 we get a little more coverage.

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