Sunday, 7 September 2008

Diana Watch

So will the world end on Wednesday? Well, no, no it won’t, despite what a number of stupid people may think but the Large Hadron Collider, which is buried under Switzerland, will be turned on for the first time. I know this makes me very geeky indeed but I am excited be the testing of the worlds largest ever physics experiment. The point of the largest machine ever created is to smash particles into each other at 99% of the speed of light, which is mind boggling fast, and to study the various bits and pieces that result from this explosion. The scientists are looking for all sorts of new and, so far, only theoretical things such as the Higgs Boson, which is the proposed mechanism by which particles acquire mass (I copied that from some where). The statistics of the collider are incredible, it is 17 miles long, the particles are accelerated to almost 300'000 km per second, they will be doing 11,000 laps of the loop per second, the resulting explosion will create 100,000 times more heat than the sun, it operating temperature is -271.25 C and it’s purpose is to recreate conditions 1/1000000th of a second after the big bang, which Sarah Palin doesn’t believe happened but more of that later. You get the point I think, it’s big and clever and most of us won’t understand what the significance of many of its findings will be but it is exciting.
So on to Palin woman. Nothing against her personally, except maybe the names she gave her children are a bit cruel, I give you Bristol, Piper, Track, Willow, and Trig, see cruel. No, it’s the things she believes in and the things she doesn’t. She believes in banning books, she asked the librarian in what ever tiny town she was mayor of how she would feel about removing books that Palin didn’t or agree with and the librarian refused and was sacked, later reinstated following a massive public outcry (not as popular as many would have you believe), the Iraq war is God’s will and so is, even more oddly, a massive oil pipe line through Alaska, see this link for details and video evidence,3067,Palins-Church-May-Have-Shaped-Controversial-Worldview,Nico-Pitney-and-Sam-Stein-Huffington-Post. She is anti-abortion in all cases unless the mother’s life is threatened by the birth, so if you’re raped and get pregnant, sorry you’ve got to have it. If your child has a condition that means it will live for a very short time in incredibly pain, sorry you’ve got to have it, her “loving” god tells her so. She doesn’t believe in the big bang or evolution and wants creation taught in schools as if it was fact. She is anti-sex education and wants abstinence taught instead despite her own families experience on this subject. Lets just make that clear, she does want some sex education, i.e. the basic bits, what goes in where and how to stop getting pregnant but it’s probably best not to have it until your much older, oh no, she wants “DON’T HAVE SEX!” to be the children’s only lesson, despite overwhelming evidence that this approach does not reduce teenage pregnancy and in fact contributes to the massive increase to the problem in America where this teaching method is common. The UK has a shockingly high rate of teenage pregnancy, the highest in Europe in fact, but America’s is double that of the UK. She is pro gun which isn’t something that normal people should have a problem with. She hunts and it’s much easier with a rifle. Have you ever tried bringing a moose down with a pebble lobbed from your feeble arm? No? Don’t bother you won’t, the rifle will help. But why does the gun lobby think that people need machine guns? Hunting rifles fine, machine guns unnecessary, that’s all I’m saying.

Anyway, enough of that because she makes my blood boil and it’s not good for my health. I’ve had a lovely week, the highlights being seeing a double rainbow yesterday,

And Dorchester show today which was the muddiest thing I’ve ever been to.


Much fun was had. Hope you all have a nice week xx

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