Sunday, 21 September 2008

Diana Watch

So can you guess which one of us got up at 6:15 this morning and went to work only to discover that he was supposed to still be in bed? Yes, that would be me. I am a dufuss.
For a while this week I felt sorry for the employees of Lehman Brothers, to be honest I still do for the cleaners and other lowly staff, after they all lost their jobs at the beginning of the week but seeing the bankers interviewed on the news help to clear that up. They really are quite hateful people I’ll think you’ll agree. Any way the big news this week is that after 8 years of pretending to be the arch-capitalist George W Bush is a socialist, maybe even a communist, with his, effective, nationalisation of banks, mortgage companies and insurance companies. So America doesn’t yet have a decent health care system or properly funded education system but nationalising the banks is a cracking start. Sorry, what do you mean the jobs won’t be saved and only the risks are being taken on by the Government/ Tax payers leaving the executives of the companies, who all probably donated to the Republican Party, to make the profits? Oh, not so socialist then. In fact it is spectacularly hypocritical as this administration, and everyone before it since about 1965, follows the Chicago School of Economics which believes that the market is king and the Government should interfere in no ways. Reduced regulation and thank you to President Clinton for removing the laws that were introduced in about 1930 during the Great Depression that stopped Investment banks and your normal high street Banks being the same company, which separated risk, the consumer was less likely to be effected if a large investment bank got into trouble because none of their money would be involved, see how that works? Good idea if you ask me. Bill Clinton repealed that law and gradually banking restrictions have become increasingly lax and the same is true for the stock exchange. Short selling and insider trading are now usual, or at least they were before yet more Government interference. Interesting enough if the US government needs a loan or some help from the IMF or the World Bank they won’t get any because of the rules put in place by the US, now that’s irony. Late in the week the most offensive economic plan by any capitalist Government ever was being talked about. The government of the United States of America is going to buy all the bad debt that US companies have in order to get everything moving again. I’m sorry? Isn’t that the point of the economic system that you love so much that you want to force upon the rest of the world? Stock and shares CAN go down as well as up. That is the point. The risk is the point. But now it seems that there is no risk, as long as you are a super massive company, because you can fuck up in an enormous way because you invested in things that you didn’t understand, loose trillions of dollars but don’t worry because the government will now bail you out. Your hard earn tax dollars are paying for others peoples mistakes which are costing them nothing, not even their jobs. Really this should make you very mad indeed and should make sure you never vote Republican ever again and the Democrats should be sailing ahead in the polls but no, 3 point lead and silence from Obama. Bloody man, do you not want to win? Get on with it you stupid man, bring on your opinions. You are on course to loose. I’m going to stop now because it’s making my head hurt.
Just a quick reason not to vote for Sarah Palin, when she was mayor of Wasilla victims of rape and sexual assault had to pay for their own rape kits which cost between $300 to $1,200 a time. She calls herself a feminist you know. This woman clearly hates other woman and she must be stopped.

Ok, back to UK politics. Some people with in the Labour party are moving in to try and remove Gordon Brown as leader of the Labour Party. Ok, lets run through this slowly for them, Gordon Brown was not elected to be Prime Minister but we sort of let him off and let him get on with it but of you replace him you will definitely have to have an election and you will loose. It is that simple but if you wait there is every chance that the economy will improve and so will his, and your, ratings. I’m not saying that you will win the next election with Gordon as your leader but you will have a better chance. This is his chance, if he decides to take it, to reposition his party as a party of the people, for the people, to wrestle back some control of the city and banking, whilst David Cameron is saying, “We must not let the left use this as an excuse to wreck an important part of the British and world economy”, as he did on Wednesday in Berlin. Oh David, how you have misread how we all feel about this, even the Mail and the Express are calling for tighter regulation. No, no, you carry on my friend; you try and defend the bankers and traders. Go on; see who still wants to vote for you when the middle classes have lost the worth of their pensions. You defend them as the FSA launches an investigation in to trading that happened 2 minutes before HBOS and Lloyds announced their take over deal and made £193million profit and looks suspiciously like insider trading, go on, it will only be bankers and traders that vote for you.

Actually, my most important story of the week was on the BBC website and it reported a massive increase in thefts of fruit and vegetables from allotments. I thought I’d been a victim the other day but I then discovered a small pile of rabbit droppings and decided that was who had eaten my leafy veg, well that and the caterpillars.

Only one award this week,

The Award for Annoying Advert of the Week,

We have two winners for this, one for a product called Ambipure Puressence because it has the tag line “Fragrances that care”. I’m sorry, what?
And the second is the new Boots No.7 mascara advert with the very annoying, when not in Spooks, Keeley Hawes. It is annoying for 2 reasons, 1, the advert itself is very annoying and 2, the small print at the bottom of the screen, whilst going on about the length of the lashes the small print says, “Enhanced in post production”. So the advert is fake then?

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