Monday, 7 July 2008

More Moans And Grumbles But Some Happy Bits

I was in a bit of a hurry yesterday so there were a few things that I didn’t moan about yesterday but because listening to or reading moaning so I will add some more positive things as well.
First off a moan. I am in the middle of moving my current account for the Abbey to the Co-operative bank, a process that should be simple or at least that’s how it’s sold to us. So far it’s taken about 5 weeks and I still have 2 current accounts, one has been opened but the first one has yet to be closed. I spoke to a nice lady at the Co-operative bank at the end of last week and she said that my balance would be transferred into my new account on the 8th but it would take a while to get there because Abbey send it in the form of a cheque. A CHEQUE! Oh yes, they don’t have any form of electronic transfer system. No wonder there is a global financial crisis if this is how the major banks conduct themselves. I can transfer money instantly from one bank to another via the medium of the interweb so why can’t they? Significant other gets paid by GP surgeries in the middle of nowhere in the Dorset country side by electronic transfer but huge banks can not.

Just a quick note to Dr Who geeks as we have just watch the series finale again on the BBC iplayer and at the end of the internet version there is a teaser trailer for the Christmas episode which I don’t think was on the original broadcast and we have the return of the Cybermen. Very exciting.

So the General Synod is meeting at the moment to discuss, amongst other things, women bishops. Now I listened to a debate this morning on the radio between the two sides of the church, one for and one against the ordination of woman bishops, and the arguments went as follows, “this is roughly the debate we had over the ordination of women priests and we all got over that” “well it’s not a argument over sexism, it’s a theological discussion because Christ only chose men to be his disciples.” Now I don’t wish to simplify their what is, I’m sure, a complicated theological argument made more complicated by priests but it is about sexism and a pathetic attempt to cover up sexism. Christ chose 12 men about 2000 YEARS AGO and I’m pretty sure that it was a male dominated society so there was a certain pressure on their imaginary friend. There are no verses in the bible that say “No woman can be bishops” mostly because there were no bishops at the time. It is a made up rule by man for man and anyone who supports this is sexist whether they be men or woman. I would like to see the church taken to court over there employment rules, no woman, no gays. Hardly inclusive is it? If it happened in a business of any sort there would be an employment tribunal but no one wants to offend the church, bunch of wimps. The synod was also debating a call to ask Government to help in the upkeep of parish churches. Oh no, it’s yours and you pay for it.

And now the moaning is over. Quick bit of sport now and Sunday evening saw perhaps the greatest Men’s singles final ever at Wimbledon. It was incredible. I’m not a sports writer so I can’t really do it justice but it was so tense. So nail- biting and the look on Roger Federer’s face when he was presented with the runners –up trophy was so very, very sad. The shots that the two players made were so incredible that I don’t think you will ever so shots look that again. The backhand passing shot that Federer played when he had a championship against him at the end of the fourth set was perhaps the finest shot played during the match and he looked lovely in his monogrammed cardigan. Sad but lovely.
There should always be rain at a Grand Prix. The British Grand Prix was fantastic fun. Cars flying off the track all over the place and some fantastic driving by those who managed to keep it on the road and special mention to Lewis Hamilton, whose talent I have doubted but no more, who won by over a minute, which is a massive margin.

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