Friday, 1 August 2008

How Scummy Are 24hr News Channels?

When lying in bed this morning listening to the Today program, which was nice because there was no John Humphrys, and there was a report that said that Ben Mullany, the husband of Dr Catherine Mullany who were both shot in the island of Antigua, she, of course, was killed in the shooting but he was left in a coma, was being flown back to Wales today. My first thought was I bet we will see this on the 24hr news channels. There is no need for us to see this and a man in coma who will probably die is not in the public interest so why do we need to see it. I think we can judge just how scummy our 24hr news channels are, we can use this as a little game. If they show “Live” pictures of this, the embarking and disembarking, then we can confidently describe them as scummy. Go on, play along.

Something very strange happens to me at the gym, I become incredibly shy. I don’t stand up fully and I lurk very close to the machines. This is a little strange but it always backfires. I am trying to be as discrete as possible but today I walked into a machine because I was too close and Tuesday I knocked a barbell onto my leg, which really hurt. People looked. Doh!

Why, in the video for “Sweet about me”, is Gabriella Cimli dressed as Russel Brand? No really. She dressed exactly the same. Back-combed hair, skinny jeans, pointy shoes, black T-shirt thing, exactly the same.

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