Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Are You People Idiots?

Dear Hilary Clinton supporters,
How petty and stupid are you? Come on answer the question, unless of course you are too stupid to actually understand this simple query. I am not referring to all of you because I believe there to be about 15million of you and I’m pretty sure you could have me in a fight, no, I’m referring to those I saw on channel 4 news. Those of you who seem to have failed to understand how the whole political party thing works. the ones who seem to think that they are trying to get their BF ( best friend) elected class president, it’s a tiny bit more important than that. This is to see who will become the most powerful person in the world and with it, the ruling party and able to influence the most powerful person in the world. I am referring to those of you who are encouraging follow Hilaryites (is that a word?) to vote, not for the person chosen by your PARTY to be their candidate to be President, oh no, you are asking them to vote for John bloody McCann. I ask again, how stupid are you people? Because your candidate lost you’re are asking people to vote against your own, moderately liberal party and vote for a man who, if you check his voting record, has voted against equal pay for women and against abortion. Whilst I agree that Hilary was given a very hard time in your press, both print and tv media, and it could be seen as sexist, well let’s be honest, it was sexist but that was not Obama’s fault or the party’s. The rest of the world is begging you to sort yourselves out and not let a Republican back in. Despite President Bush having the lowest approval rating of any sitting president you still keen on losing one of the most winnable elections in many years. The only people with a lower approval rating then George 2 is congress which, despite being run by Democrats has done nothing. It has shown no moral leadership at all. Yes President Bush would have vetoed you blocking his Iraq funding bills but you could have at least made a stand.
If you do not all pull together and continue to put forward genuinely radical policies about healthcare and America’s place in the world rather than the bland mutterings that have started to emanate from the Obama camp you will loose and the rest of the world cannot except this,

Yours Hopefully,
Martyn xx

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