Sunday, 17 August 2008

Diana Watch

Now no one likes a show off but I don’t care. We are doing so well at the Olympics at the moment that I’m going too. Great Britain are 3rd in the medal table behind the enormous countries of China and America. See what happens when you fund sport properly. Suddenly you are good at sports but nothing ranty, I’m saving that for next week. Great Britain are 3rd. Fantastic performances from the cyclists, rowers, sailors and swimmers, oh and we’ve just won a gymnastics medal. An all round team performance of an incredible high standard and a tear or two has been shed in our house watching them win and collect there medals. Also a quick mention for Usain Bolt who broke the world 100m record again with an outstanding 9.69 seconds. He started to celebrate at about 80 metres and was pulling up towards the end, as a rightly proud Jamaican supporter send an the news when interviewed “He broke the world record running sideways!” This is the depressing thing for all other sprinters of the world, he can run even faster. He won be .2 of a second whilst pulling up; they don’t stand a chance for years to come.

I bring you some great news, until now I only knew what size fun was thanks to the tiny, tiny Mars bars and Milky Way but now thanks to Pringles I now know what size a party is.


I can now sleep so much more soundly now knowing that so thank you to the makers of this reformed, artificially flavoured, potato snack.

So when we went to the cinema we saw the trailer for Mama Mia. Now, I haven’t seen the film so it may be a little harsh to criticise but that not going to stop me. The trailer hinted at the story line and as far as I can tell it is an episode of Jeremy Kyle set to the lovely tunes of Benny and Bjorn. From what I understand of the plot, a young woman is getting married and she does not know who her father is, when she asks her mother who her father is in order to give her away, her mother replies that it could be one of three men. If this story was shown on Trisha there would be all manner of tut-tutting from Daily Mail and Express readers, yet if you set it on a beautiful Greek island, holiday destination of many a middle class family, and you some how turn it into the suburban 2 car family hit film of the year. Oh and middle class musical hit of several years ago. How has this been done? The writer is a genius. Oh and also a couple of points about the trailer, 1, no olive skinned people appeared in it at all. How is this possible? It’s set on a Greek Island. Plenty of Americans and British people but not Greek sorts, odd. 2, when the serious voice over man announces who is staring in the film we have Meryl Streep, the girl who plays her daughter, Pierce Brosnan and Colin Firth. Sorry? Aren’t there 3 men in this film? She has 3 potential fathers. Who is this 3rd man? Ooh, it sounds like a 50 or 60’s spying drama, it isn’t. It’s just another example of middle class hypocrisy.

And so to the weekly awards,

Phrase That Annoyed Me Most This Week,

This goes to the phrase “on trend” as utter by celebrity seamstress Gok Wan almost once every 5 minutes on his current channel 4 program.

Advertising Tagline That Made Me Laugh The Most,

The line is “Daily Radiance Wipes” made me laugh so much, it’s from some silly beauty ad of some sort but it for some reason it really amused me. Such a pointless combination of words.

Hope you all have a nice week; we’ve just harvested our onions and potatoes and it’s made us very happy indeed.

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