Thursday, 12 June 2008

What Are Your Principles Worth?

Dear The Democratic Unionist Party,
Come on, be honest, how much did your 9 votes cost? The votes that saved Gordon Brown and this incredibly right-wing government with their completely unnecessary 42-day detention without trial plan. Because lets be honest, any Government that is more right wing than the Tory party is pretty right wing. It is putting me in a difficult position of agreeing with the Conservative party. Which makes me feel very uncomfortable indeed. And the BNP. And UKIP. But not Ann Widdecombe rather pleasingly. I did note that one of your MP’s had a grin a mile wide when being interviewed on the news and could be described as suspicious looking but I’m sure it meant nothing as it was strenuously denied. Please think about what you have done with supporting this illiberal, human rights removing, civil rights eroding and quite unneeded waste of everyone’s time,

Yours Saddened,
Martyn xx

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