Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Handling What?

Dear Ticketmaster,
Thank you very much for the tickets I ordered on line, downloaded and printed myself from you. All want well and I gained admission to the concert that I wanted to see, Guillemots supported by the awful Royworld (think Bruce Hornsbury and the Range but fronted by a man in a to tight waist coat), but then I realised that I had been conned. It occurred to me that I had booked ONLINE and I had PRINTED THE TICKETS MYSELF yet you had charged £3.50 handling change. That’s per ticket. An extra £7 on what? You hadn’t handled anything. Not a thing, it was all done on the internet. Do you not think that this is a little bit expensive and unnecessary? Please think about this because it puts me off using your website,

Yours trying to find a cheaper alternative,
Martyn xx

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