Sunday, 15 June 2008

Diana Watch

Well who would have thought it, after 4 or 5 weeks of nothing we suddenly have a Diana related story. Now the thing is that it is really seedy so I’m not going to mention it or which paper it’s on but it does exist, honest. It’s my wedding next Saturday so a little busy at the moment and haven’t really been paying that much attention to the news so have missed many of the weeks important stories but a few have made it though my wedding filtered glasses. The vote on the governments plans to lock shifty looking people up for 42 days without trial whilst they desperately try and find something against them did cross my radar this week, with 2 items really interesting me. 1, the DUP, who saved the Government by voting for them, made assurances to a Conservative MP earlier in the week that they would vote against the Government again leading everyone to think that their votes were bought and that they have no morals or spines what so ever, and 2, the resignation of David Davis so that he could fight a by-election on this issue. Now this was strange and, I have to admit, it makes very little sense to me. I don’t see why he has done this and what it he is attempting to achieve or by what the Labour Party are trying to achieve by thinking about putting up a candidate to run against him, well they haven’t decided either way, but let me give them this advise, if you put up a candidate it will legitimise this strange happening so don’t do it and you have the high ground.

Strike action now and some Shell petrol stations have been effected by some tanker drivers striking over their pay. There are a couple of issues here, the Daily Express handled the story with it’s usual calm way with a series of headlines claiming that the petrol was going to run out and we were all going to die. Only 10% of petrol stations were effected so 90% of were unaffected but you wouldn’t have known it if you read that paper. The other thing is how much these truck drivers actually get paid at the moment. The average wage for one of these drivers is £32000. Now I think that that is quite a lot of money and the deal they have turned down would have taken their average earnings to a very generous £39500, which I think you will agree is plenty of money for driving a lorry.

Anyway, this week awards,

Insult of the Week,

Amoeba minded fuck-wit, as uttered by a friend of mine.

Odd Animal Story of the Week,

The BBC website assured me that the story that they had about a pig that was scared/worried by/phobic of (choose your own anthropomorphising phrase) mud and the farmer of the pig put little Wellington boots on to its little legs and its fine now. I’m not so sure about the truth here.

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