Sunday, 25 May 2008

Diana Watch

Good day to you my friends and here we are again. Not a lot to talk about this week. No Diana stories this week, which has now become the norm, but there was a fantastic irony free headline on the Daily Express this week which read “Immigration still rising, no wonder so many Britain’s live abroad.” I have to admit that I was slightly thrown by this because they seemed to be taking this headline seriously when clearly it was an ironic joke.
I’ve decided to ignore the by-election this week because the result made me sad. Why have you people started voting Tory? No really, why? You can’t go from a left leaning centerist party to the Conservatives, you really can’t. Ok make your childish protest vote but vote Green or something. The Conservatives are a racist, unpleasant bunch of people. You can’t blame Gordon Brown for the rise in oil prices and food prices; these are world problems and not national ones.
Eurovision was last night and as you know I love it but I have a few suggestions for the organisers. 1, Restore the rule about signing in your own language. I don’t to hear the Latvian entry signing with an American accent. 2, sort out the voting. We do understand that it is now political and all the Baltic states vote for each other and the Northern European countries vote for each other but it does sort of take the fun out of it when Terry is telling me who they are going to vote for before they announce them. 3, try to reduce the amount of arm waving that now accompanies the singing, it’s annoying, thank you.

Oh well, to the weekly awards,

Quote of the Week,

“Man did not come from Monkey, he came from love.” Some man on the Eurovision Semi-Final.

Bad Car of the Week,

From the front it looks like a normal BWM albeit with a bad body kit,

But, oh no, it’s now some sort of pick up.

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