Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Just Making A Point

Dear All Americans,
Please stop moaning about your petrol prices it’s really annoying for the rest of us. Really, really annoying. Whilst I understand where you are coming from, as your prices have risen sharply, you are starting from a very low level. I have just been on the Interweb and there are many articles about “Gas prices hit $4 a gallon”. Ah poor you. I have done a few little calculations for you. In England we sell our petrol in litres and the average price is £1.12 or $2.20. There are 3.8 litres in a gallon so that makes the UK price $8.50 a gallon, which is more than twice as much as yours. Do you see my point now? Ok, stop moaning now,
Yours poorly,
Martyn xx

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