Tuesday, 9 June 2009

BNP vs Eggs

Sorry there was no blog on Sunday. I had yet another computer problem. And then I was busy leaving my job and stuff. Ah well.

Now it seems that some of you didn’t vote on Thursday in the European election and because they use proportional representation that means that those of you who didn’t vote are now responsible for the BNP having 2 MEPs. It’s your own fault so you can’t complain.

For those of us who did vote and believe in freedom of speech today has thrown up one of those little debates that are sent to try us.
Legitimate MEP and convicted holocaust denier Nick Griffin wanted to hold a press conference outside of the House of Parliament to celebrate the fact that people in Liverpool couldn’t be bothered to vote but he was pelted with eggs by some anti-fascist group or other.
Now, whilst I approve of pelting fascists with eggs because it is very funny indeed, they also do have the right to have a press conference because some of you voted for them. They do have the freedom to say what they like (as long as it is within the law Mr Griffin) and this should be defended but people do also have the right to protest against them.

Shall we watch together as a tosser runs away form some eggs?

See, I told you it was funny. However this is not the funniest protest on YouTube. Ladies and Gentlemen I give you a press conference by Gary Kasparov set to music. Enjoy.

Hopefully I will get to a proper blog on Sunday as I have most of the month off so there are no excuses.

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