Saturday, 20 June 2009

Diana Watch

So I have decided that I will do the Sunday blog today. As I explained last week we are going to be in the Lake District on Sunday and it is our first wedding anniversary. Probably won't be able to do next Sunday either, will Twitter though, as long as there's something funny to say.

This week 2 people have sadly died and it was covered endless and with some degree of rather sick relish by the 24 hour news channels.
In Scotland a lady who was suffering from Swine flu, on top of several other serious medical conditions, died. For the rest of the day, despite the fact that there was no new information and with no respect for the bereaved, they carried on shouting “woman dies of swine flu.” She had also given birth prematurely. It was great for them, Monday was a quiet news day.
Late on Monday evening the Sky News “Breaking News” crawler appeared on the screen. The baby had died. So not only had the family lost the mother, they had now lost a baby but was the families sadness mentioned or considered? No, of course it wasn't. News is entertainment. We get to reveal in other people's suffering with virtually no emotional attachment at all.

Following the European elections something rather interesting can be seen. Despite the world's economic problems being caused by greed and rampant capitalism, we seem to taken a leap to the right. The groups that did best in the elections were the right and centre right parties. This is a very odd thing indeed. There are a few exceptions though, the various Green Parties have done quite well but it was mostly right wing parties.
Incumbency doesn't seem to have been on issue either. Here, Labour (very slightly left of centre) did very badly but the Conservatives, UKIP and the BNP did well, but in countries that had right-wing governments, the incumbents did well. You have to ask yourself why this is and I have to admit that I don't really know. Their ideas caused the problems but instead of moving towards a more caring, sharing socialist future we have, instead, decided to blame people. Not the people that actually caused the problems, oh no. MPs expenses, White Men. World Economic Meltdown, mostly White Men again. And do they blame the White Men (you know, with them being white men and all), ummmmm, no. Brown people and the foreign. Genius.
It shows an inherent laziness amongst us. We decided against facing up to our own mistakes and failings. We avoid the complicated and nuanced arguments about politics, immigration, the best way to run our economy etc. and just go straight for the blaming of people how's fault it isn't. Hmm, lack of leadership? Economic disaster? Voters leaping to the right? Please let us have learnt from history.

Across the pond (it's not a good phrase is it) and President Obama, or Daniel Son as he may now by known (it a fly catching/karate kid reference), announces big new, bold plans to regulate banking in the US. Over here on the other hand Alistair “suspicious eyebrows” Darling delivers a Mansion House speech which basically said, “You have all been very bad, don't do it again. No, don't worry I won't be changing anything. Carry on as you were.” Obviously I'm para-phrasing but you get my point. He also seems to be going back on promises he made at the G20 summit on Hedge fund regulations. We had the opportunity to change things and make them a little better and what did we do? Absolutely nothing.

And the Telegraph carries on, and on and on and on.

Some awards I think,

The Award for Deeply Strange Priorities of the Week,

This goes to The Daily Mail, who, on Thursday had a headline about their new campaign about wheelie bins. This was, according to them, the most important thing that happened the day before. Protests in Iran. Another ministerial resignation. The Chancellor and the Bank of England disagree over the best way forward for banking reform and policing of their risk taking. None of these things is more important than wheelie bins.
Whilst we are on the subject of the Mail, today (Friday) they have a poll on their website which asks “should gypsies be allowed to jump the NHS queues?” This was described on Twitter as the worst Daily Mail poll ever and was linked to so that we could all join in. When I voted the poll stood at 92% saying Yes. I don't think that it was all Daily Mail readers that were voting.

The Award for Best MP Expense Claim of the Week,

Parliament has finally published it's version of MP's expenses this week and most of it seemed to look like this ,(blacked out section didn't work on here)

Because it was censored so that we won't find out where they live or something. It hasn't really added much to the debate but it has shown us one fun little fact. George Osborne, Shadow Chancellor, claimed £47 for DVDs. Of speeches that he gave. On the subject of “Value of Money for the Taxpayer”.

The Award for the Most Stupid Place to Fall Asleep of the Week,

This goes to this girl,
she is Belgian and she went to the tattooist to get 3 stars tattooed on her face. The first of many questions about this story is, why would you get tattoos on your face? She explained to the man about to scare her what she wanted but his French was so poor that he didn't understand how many she wanted. She than managed to FALL ASLEEP WHILST HE TATTOOED 56 STARS ON HER FACE? How is that possible? I have some trouble sleeping in my own bed, let alone with a man who doesn't speak good French TATTOOING MY FACE!

Hopefully I will get back to normal soon, well I'll try, because you all seem to read and, maybe enjoy, this nonsense each week and for that I thank you. Might make it past 6000 reads on myspace this week!
Oh well, off to the Lake District. In a tent.

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