Wednesday, 22 October 2008


Ok, so a quick review of the ballet that we went to see on Monday. It was modern ballet and not the traditional “Swan Lake” type which I thought I might enjoy more but I’m not sure now. The point of going was because Significant Other wanted to go and she had a jolly good time which was the important thing but I experienced something that I hadn’t done before and how am I supposed to find out if I like something if I don’t give it a try. I did like the parts of the show when there was some “proper” dancing and some of the special effects were used in an interesting way and combining them with the dance was very affective but there was a lot of the dancers throwing themselves around and I wasn’t so sure about that but that is just my opinion and everyone should make up their own minds. I’m thinking about going to see some more traditional ballet to compare and to see if I like that. some of it was a bit like the video I made though.

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