Wednesday, 21 April 2010

More Guerrilla Gardening

I know it’s bad form to show of but sometimes it’s fun and good if it encourages others (that my justification anyway and I’m sticking to it).

 Last year I wrote a blog about my little bit of Guerrilla gardening (which looks lovely this spring by the way. Would you like to see? Of course you would, there it is, over there on the right) but I haven’t mentioned it since and that is because I haven’t done any, until today that is.

 I had an “admin” day at work today and when I was throwing away some paperwork that will probably turn out to be useful or important sometime in the next 2 weeks I  noticed a sad looking bed,


See how dry and unloved it is. 

Well I weeded it this morning and late this afternoon I returned with a few plants, they are just a start. 3 lavender and 2 thyme that will spread a little fragrance come the summer.

More plants will be added when I can.

 Go on, you give it a go. Find an unloved bit of land and plant something on it. For inspiration try here.

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