Monday, 23 November 2009

Kate Moss Speaks

There was something that I forgot to mention yesterday. Kate Moss. She is a woman who is famous for looking quite good with a frock on and quite good without a frock on. That’s about it really. She has taken some drugs and had relationships with some “Rock Stars” but not much else.
One thing she has done, rather well if you ask me, is keep her mouth shut. She rarely gives interviews, she’s not one of those people who pops up on list shows claiming to remember something (I criticise but bills do have to be paid) that they were reminded of by a researcher. No, usually she is a little enigmatic.
It came then as a surprise to me to hear that she had been interviewed and had said something controversial. Now, let us first remember what she does as a job, she looks good in frocks. Small frocks mostly. The sort you only look good in if you are not too chubby. She said “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels”.
Some have seen this as an encouragement for little girls to make themselves thin and it has appeared on some Pro-anorexia websites (there are such things? I thought it was a mental health issue but it seems it can be taught). The usually tabloid nonsense has been written about it as well with little irony, forgetting that they mock the chubby celebs every day and print pictures of stick thin woman saying how great they look on one day and then the complete opposite on another.
The thing that got me about the quote, though, was this; that is a very, very good line. Did she come up with that herself? Because if she did I have underestimated Miss Moss. I don’t care what you think about what she was trying to say, the full quote by the way is “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels. You try and remember, but it never works.” i.e., I eat some crap too, but I care not. It is a great line. It’s witty, it’s succinct and I love it. Perhaps she has been working on it for her entire adult life and this is the one great thing she will say, well, that’s one more than most of us will muster.

And now a quick game of “who got the earliest Christmas Card?” I think you will find that it is me. I got one this morning. It’s the 23rd of November! To be honest it comes from a slightly odd elderly relative who always sends them very early but I think that this might be a record.

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