Wednesday, 29 July 2009

I Feel Let Down

Dear Disney,
I am very sorry to do take up your time in such a way, after all you have many important things to be getting on with such working out new ways to separate parents from their cash, but I have a complaint (please don’t sue me)
Whilst on a recent visit to your park near Paris, my significant other took this photograph of Tigger,


Now, whilst his top may be made out of rubber and he may well be fun, fun, fun, fun, fun, you can quite clearly see that his bottom is NOT, as advertised in the song, made out of springs.
As I’m sure you can imagine this came as a terrible shock to those in her party. Several of them were devastated by this discovery and your branded Disney magic drained from their souls like so much Disney branded shower gel through the Mouse’s freakishly fat fingers. You can see their disappointment here,


Look at their sad, sad faces. You did this.
All I ask is, and I don’t think that this is too hard, is that you employ someone whose bottom is made out of springs,

Yours Disappointedly,
Martyn Norris

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