Thursday, 23 July 2009

Bad Coffee

Today I have stared at my own mortality. I have had my hair cut. I sat there staring at my slightly receding hair as the hairdresser combed my hair back.
Then I smiled. Crows feet ladies and gentleman. Oh god I’m getting old.
What this dreadful experience did give me was the opportunity to bring back a very, very old thread. Oh yes, this is the glorious return of Bad Coffee.

I’m sure most of you don’t remember the list of really bad cups of coffee that I have ever had but it only had 2 entries and they were;

1) TGI’s really awful coffee. Honest the worst thing I have ever had in my mouth.

2) Wetherspoons’ super cheap coffee. Very little taste.

And now we have 2 new entries.

The mocha that I had at Toni and Guy was really quite poor, although it wasn’t helped by the fact that I had some of my hair in it. Why do we do it? “Would you like a tea or coffee?” they ask. The answer from the rational part of your brain is, “No thank you because it will end up with hair it before I have finished it.” But oh no. What actually come out is, “oh, yes please.” Why? Is it because it is free or at least included it the price?
I think that that means they have an entry at number 4 in my list. Number 3 goes to a service station that we used on our way to the Lake District a few weeks ago. Now that was an odd beverage.
It was, of course, served in a bucket because size is the most important thing but what was very strange was the taste or lack of it. The fluid was on your tongue but it had no flavour. That was until you swallowed it, and then there was a very slight taste. All very strange.
So the list stands thus,

3)Service Station I can’t remember the name of
4)Toni and Guy Dorchester

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