Sunday, 15 August 2010

Vintage Diana Watch

I feel sorry for teenage boys, I really do. They are so unsure of themselves and emotionally tight. I remember it being an awful time of my life even though nothing particularly bad or interesting happened. Can I enjoy this or is it rubbish? How do you dance? Will I look rubbish if I do? If I stand here and look moody will she fancy me? How do I move my arms anyway, they seem to be welded to my pockets?
 I only bring this up because yesterday we were at Vintage at Goodwood. We were having a fabulous time anyway but when we noticed that Martha and the Vandellas were on the main stage soon we thought we would pop over and see them.
 Now, I love 60’s girl bands and, despite the fact that they were by no means the best of them, this was going to be a bit of a treat, hopefully. I was a little worried that they might be a bit rubbish, had I built them up too much, were they past it? (The following sentence contains a swear word or 2). Ooooohhhh fuck no, they were fan-fucking-tastic.
 Martha Reeves may not the best voice in the world but she was warm and funny (and maybe even a bit sexy), the band were tight and her sisters were in great voice. Being a stereotype of a 35 year old white bloke, it takes a little bit of effort to get me dance in daylight, surrounded by other people, when no alcohol has been taken but they managed it and how! A field filled with people of all ages, colours and sexes grooving away to Heatwave and Jimmy Mack. If the field had had a roof on it it would have been blown off when the horn section played the opening few bars of Dancing in the Street. Oh man, it was fun and has entered my top 5 gigs ever.
 This brings me back to teenage boys, can they have a good time or are their hormones completely against them. As everyone was having, just about, their best time ever, there were spots of stillness within the crowd and every single one of them was male and between the ages of 13 and 19. Damn they looked miserable. “I want to enjoy myself but I just don’t know how.” I felt sorry for them after a while, being excluded, as they were, from the group experience by the cruel hormonal trick that their bodies play on them simply so they can have some armpit hair.

 For those of you not familiar with the mighty Martha and her Vandellas I give you,

We had a fantastic day out at Vintage at Goodwood and I am in such a good mood that they will be no news review (although the Tories are no longer making cuts for “Austerity” reasons they are ideological. Look how many things they want to privatise) and no awards either except maybe an award for giving us a bloody brilliant time and that would go to Wayne Hemmingway and his lovely festival, oh and Martha Reeves obviously.
  I can bring you vintage Diana Watch though,


This was noticed on the wall of one of the stalls yesterday by Significant Other who I’m sure will also post something about our day out on here at some point.

 Want to see some pictures of our day out? Of course you do,

Have a great week all.

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