Sunday, 22 August 2010

Diana Watch

This weekend is Dorchester’s Warm Festival. It mostly consists of bands playing on the Bandstand in the Borough Gardens and us watching them with ale, although I haven’t gone yet as it is pissing it down here.
 What I like out this, apart from the ale, is the unassuming, not-expecting-much name of the event. The Warm Festival. We can’t promise you heat or sunshine but it will probably be warm. Ish.

 Umm, not much has happened this week to be honest; A-levels came out and were instantly belittled throughout the media.
 Many have pointed out that the visual media, whether that be print or television, seem to think that only nubile young ladies have taken A-levels or at least that is the impression that they give with the photographs that they choose to illustrate their stories with. Here is a link to the Sexy A-levels photo stream.

It was the last episode of this series of That Mitchell and Webb Look on Tuesday and, after they had covered the Moon Landing conspiracy theories pretty comprehensively, tuned their attention to Diana Death conspiracy ideas with amusing results,
The Award for Over-reaction of the Week

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water a massive crocodile turns up in the English Channel. Swimming in the sea in and around Boulogne-sur-Mer, France, was suspended on Friday when people claimed that they had seen a massive beast paddling around.
 People ran screaming from the water, ok I might be making that bit up, whilst an investigation was carried out. Where was this enormous prehistoric beast? Did it even exist? Well no, it turns out it was a log.

The Award for Pot Calling The Kettle Black of the Week,

Facebook (and other sites) this week has faced criticism this week over the amount of information it collects about its users and the amount of private data that users upload.
 Eric Schmidt said that privacy is dying and that when users grow up they may consider changing their names in order to get away from the trail of embarrassing information that their younger selves posted on-line.
 That Eric Schmitt by the way is the same Eric Schmitt who is the head of Google. You know Google, that search engine that has spread it wings and now offers all sorts of services for free. How are they for free you may ask? Well, they sell advertising space on their sites but they also sell all the information that they gather on you when you are using the services that they so kindly provide for you. Which is nice.

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