Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Oil, Oil Everywhere

Ah, do you remember how it used to be? Smoking was good for you, women knew their place, and oysters had “never had it so good.”

Oh how times have changed (for the better by the way).

Some progress has finally been made with the massive oil fountain on the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico but oil is still pouring into the sea and Tony "The Gulf of Mexico is a big ocean. The amount of oil and dispersant we are putting into it is tiny in relation to the total water volume" Hayward, BP’s Chief Executive, is coming under increasing pressure, quite a lot of it from President Obama. He has said that if Mr Hayward worked for him that, with their poor response to the crisis and as series of slightly offensive statements such as “I want my life back” which has been seen as disrespectful to the memory of the workers who died when the rig exploded, he would fire him. He also wonders whose ass he can/should kick,

 A question that will be investigated will be do BP do enough to stop the oil reaching the shore, some think not,

BP has also announced that it is going to set up a new company that will take full responsibility for the clean up operation. It is to be run by an American in an attempt to try and stop some of the anti-British sentiments that have allegedly been following from the US.
 Whilst the company will be separate from BP its finances will come from the mother-company.
 Is this an attempt by the company, as they claim, to concentrate on the disaster or is it an attempt, by under funding a separate company, to limit the direct financial impact on BP. Only time will tell.
  In the meantime oil still pours out of the well and continues to wash up on the coast.

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