Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Apparently It Snowed

Well in my Dorchiocentric world the “Snow Event” has ended. My Brother built a massive snowman, as did significant other, both of about 6 inches tall. Monstrous erections they were too but now they have all melted. Is there a sadder sight then that of a mostly melted snow person? It was estimated that 6 million Englishman didn’t go to work on Monday and it cost the economy £1.3 billion. 6000 schools were shut. Good. Get outside and have some fun. It’s good for you. Embrace your inner child and throw a snowball. As the news kept telling us, it was the worst snow for 18 years. It rarely happens so make the most of it. Ignore the spoilsports and joy spoilers who only ever measure things in their financial impact and start measuring things in how much fun they are.


This was Significant Other's

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