Tuesday, 26 October 2010

The Daily Express and Foreign Aid

Now, it would be fairly easy to portray those who “write” for the Daily Express as unpleasant, small minded, borderline racist, xenophobic, black-hearted tossers who think that because our economy is having a bit of a downturn at the moment it’s perfectly acceptable for our, comparatively, very rich country to withdraw from the world and slash the Foreign Aid Budget. God forbid that we should help people who are actually starving to death or dying from easily preventable diseases when we have think about delaying Trident for a little while.
 It would be easy for me to do that but why should I when they are quite capable of doing it themselves. Here’s today’s front page,


Stopping people from dying is a “scandal” apparently. But surely this is just a one of aberration; it can’t be a campaign can it because that would be appalling? Well, here are 2 front pages from last week,


As I said before, I don’t have to make them look bad because they are bad and they are not ashamed by it.


  1. You missed out homophobic, mysoginistic and ill-informed/researched. And I'd take issue with 'borderline racist'. Apart from that, A+ Mr Norris!

  2. Is there an argument for saying the Express is grotesque distortion of a value point? As I understand it one if biggest recipients of UK foreign aid is India,which has a foreign aid policy of its own. This doesn't make sense to me. Are we giving to poor countries or is aid an extension of foreign policy, when poor but strategically important countries are more likely benefit?

  3. Pod Delusionst is quite right, India is the largest recipient of aid but it is only mentioned in about 30% of the articles. If they argued the that point, and the fact that we give aid to Russia and China, then they may have had a point but they didn't. They went on about Asia, Africa and Eastern Europe.