Wednesday, 12 May 2010

What's This ChatRoulette Thing Then?

So, a few weeks ago the mighty Daily Mail found something else that they were scared of/appealed by/will give you cancer *
They had decided that Facebook gave you cancer and VD (although that might have been the Telegraph) but this time the internet would corrupt your children. In fact they are so scared of ChatRoulette that they felt the need to write about it twice, here and here.
I had heard of this site but I hadn't had a look but it had offended the Mail so it was all right by me.
For those of you that don't know about ChatRoulette it is a site that links webcam to webcam randomly. That's about it really, you can chat using the microphone on your webcam or type text.
So I went to have a look, not in a pervy way, just because I had assumed the Mail had made a bit of a fuss and had exaggerated a bit or quite a lot.
I logged on and allowed access to my webcam. My bored looking face came up on the screen. What would confront me when I clicked on the button? Would I be corrupted? Would it be the end of civilisation as I know it?
 Well no. I clicked on the button and was confronted with the face of another bored looking middle aged man. Clicked again, another bored looking middle age man. Clicked again, a very excited looking man, well his penis was excited anyway. Click, man, click, cock, click, cock, click, man, click, cock, click, cock, click, man, click, cock cumming.
10 minutes I stayed on the site and saw nothing but men and their bits. This is why when the Mail journalist went on the site she got so much attention, she was the only woman on the site.
What have I leant? ChatRoulette is gay, not in the offensive young person insult way oh no, it's full of men and erect penises, it's gay.

*Delete as applicable

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