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Diana Watch

Can I apologise for this week’s entry. If it seems a little hurried and cobbled together but there is a very good reason for that, it is. The end of the week has been a little poor for significant other so not had much time to do this but, he says with the utmost irony, the show must go on. I’m doing “jazz hands” now if you are interested.

 Thank you the Daily Express! Your ability to entertain has not been diminished. Thank you. We have a Princess Diana headline from the lovely people at the Express this week and so I thank them. I would also like to thank them because it is one of the stories that the Express reading loons have been allowed to comment on. The Express website is like a London Plague searcher “Bring out you wackos, bring out your conspiracy freaks!” For instance, I give you, oh and I haven't changed the spelling or grammar,

  “I agree that diana should be allowed to rest in peace of course i do. But not when this stuff is still uncovered they cover up everything! and i dont believe diana can rest in peace because she would be up there knowing she was assasinated full stop. I do feel for her boys its not like they would really say what they really think they are memebers of the royal family. I  think we the british public should never let her memory die! and show future queen camilla the DOOR along with charlie boy.”

  I assume that the sentence construction is poor because she was typing though a veil of tears. And from someone else,

It is apparent to everyone that when any material is repressed in any enquiry there are bound to be suspicions, founded or otherwise. There were a lot more questions after the investigations and reports than before, with good reason. Read more history etc and watch Spooks (Secret Service) etc.,for some ideas of how things work in high places!- to which the nation's peasants are not privy!”

This person recommends watching Spooks, the BBC1 fictional Spy drama, as good evidence as to what goes on. There are so many more,

Princess Diana WAS murdered so charles could 'marry' his old ugly mistress. Henri Paul was the driver with the intent to kill the Princess, but he was setup to die too.
Yes the Princess should be able to rest in peace, but until her murderers are brought o justice she won't.”

Why is marry in inverted commas? He did marry her, legally and everything, it was on the news, oh wait, I see now, even the news is in on it. This conspiracy goes all the way to the top people! Who is that smoking man hiding in the shadows? Are they adding drugs to my water? How long has that pizza delivery van been parked outside my house? They are coming for me!
Sorry about that, it seems that loony may be catching.
Please go and read the article but, more importantly, the comments. They will be the most fun you have ever had.
 The US has birthers and we have these nutters. I blame the interweb. There are some people who will believe anything they see written down no matter how poorly it is spelt or the argument constructed, how else do you explain the inexplicable, but declining, popularity on the Daily Mail?

For reasons that I still find totally baffling, adverts for sanity products are completely filled with euphemism.  Even the “liquid” referred to is a euphemistic colour, I’m pretty sure that blood is red (except in lobsters or is that an urban myth.) From watching adverts for these products I would have absolutely no idea what they did are where they were, ummmm, placed.
  I know what they are for and you know what they are for but it seems that American TV networks don't (or at least they don’t like the words involved.) An advert for tampons, that mocks other adverts for similar products, has been banned by 2 US television networks for using the word “Vagina”. Yes that’s right, “Vagina”. It didn’t say “take this and shove it up your fanny” (although fanny seems to refer to bottom in the US so that is a very different thing), but it is the correct medical term for the area. How sensitive do you have to be to find that offensive? Although I can’t mock those funny Americans to much because I doubt that the advert would be shown over here.
 Now I know that some of you will be shocked by that word and have probably stopped reading. If you have that means I can insult you without you knowing, you are cunts! Ha, see what I did there? Now some of you are proper offended aren’t you? Sorry.

 Both the Express and the Mail were suitable outraged about Polish Women “coming over here” so that they can have abortions. It is almost a perfect storm for them. Non-English people, the NHS and woman choosing what to do with their bodies. Oh and just a brief aside, if you ever start a headline with the word “Now” you are not a proper newspaper, I.E. “ NOW POLES GET FREE ABORTIONS ON NHS”
 Of course they were both woefully wrong as this commentator said,

        “ Okay - I'm Polish and if you look into the background of this poster and the context, it is NOT suggesting that Polish women milk the British system. It is intended to highlight that women in Poland are denied the right to safe abortions. And the price for even an underground abortion is exuburant. This isn't about "go to the UK and get a termination". It is intended to demonstrate how draconian Polish laws are towards women and how much the Catholic church dictates Polish law. Relax everyone. This won't cause an influx of Poles taking up valuable spaces in the NHS abortion queue. Geesh.”

 It seems that someone, somewhere, who reads the Daily Mail website, is quite sensible. I know that it is hard to believe but it seems it is true.
 So the question has to be, did these papers misrepresent this poster on purpose or by accident? I mean, I can’t imagine that the Daily Mail would just make things up or ignore FACTS. Oh now wait, I think I may have mentioned this briefly last week, click here and here for details.
Well, how where they to know, it was written in foreign and they don’t speak foreign.
 To be honest I would be happy if the story was true. If the country in which I live is helping woman from overseas with making an incredible hard decision and helping them though in a safe, supportive, non-judgemental way, it would make me sort of proud.

Now for the awards of the week,

The Award for Brilliant Mocking of Stupid Laws,

If you didn’t know, you can become a Jedi. Well you can join the International Church of Jediism anyway, your Midiclurian count will probably quite low so don’t expect to able to use the force.
 Anyway Chris Jarvis did join he church so when he asked by Job Centre staff to remove his hood he claimed religious discrimination. He has now received an apology. He’s a Jedi! It’s made up! It’s from a film! It’s not a proper religion; it’s made up…… oh now, wait…
 This rather brilliantly makes a mockery of religious discrimination laws. We all know that these laws are unfair and silly, “I believe in a magic man in the sky so I have to have special legal protection”, but this helps in our battle to get them repealed. They are clearly unworkable and don’t even do what they implemented for, although that isn’t really a bad thing.
 I am now thinking for starting my own religion though so that I can have special treatment for believing in nonsense.  Bow down before the God that is Webble Twosh! Oh hail great Webble Twosh. You can’t mock me. It’s a religion and should be respected, oh and us Twoshists don’t have to apologise for the systematic raping of children and for wilfully covering up those crimes.

The Award For Ignoring a Story Because it Doesn’t Fit in Pre-Existing Narrative,

MRSA rates cut in Southampton hospital by 73% over 2 years by screening patients on admission. That’s 73% which is a massive amount in anyone’s books. If that was my hospital I would want this story covering the local press and TV news programs.
 I heard the story in passing on a very early morning edition of my local news program but it has not been referred to since. It is not on the BBC website (or at least I can’t find it) and a Google web search only brings up the hospitals own website. A news search brings up all sorts of stories about people catching MRSA in Southampton Hospital but not this positive story.
 Now, this is interesting because nurses have been blamed for spreading the “super bug” and nothing else has been mentioned but this shows that ¾ of infections may have come from outside. The patients come in with it. So where is the story?

Hope you all have a good week (I’m hoping for a better one, Significant Other is hoping harder mind you) and that the weather is as lovely as it is today all week. I will try and do better for next week.

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