Wednesday, 10 February 2010

President Schwarzenegger Anyone?

Sarah Palin has said, as a criticism of President Obama, that the US “we need a commander in chief, not a professor of law, standing at the lectern”. We don't need clever people just someone to sit there and point.
Why don't Republicans like people who can think? Oh and then, at some Tea Baggers event, she mocked the Presidents use of auto-cue. This is fine as long as you are not looking at notes you have written on your hand.
It must be nice for Satirists when you jokes turn out to be a little closer to the bone than you thought,

I know that I am only one person and that my opinion is not that important but I would quite like the leader of my country to be the smartest person in the room. The sort of person that can understand complicated arguments and make difficult decisions based on all the available facts not someone who thinks that looking good on camera is the only quality you need to be a great leader.
Please can we put a stop to this now. I am calling for mandatory IQ tests for all politicians. If it's not over 120 then you can't come and play. I know it seems harsh and patronising but think about it, would you let your stupid friend run the country just because they looked quite pretty? No, of course you wouldn't, oh and if you can't think of a stupid friend then you are your friends stupid friend.

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  1. Actually, I can’t think of a stupid friend ’cuz I have no friends. =(

    =P Otherwise, I’m rather surprised that I never even thought of that little clip in response to Palin’s incredibly stupid assertion that the President should just be some regular Joe, instead of an expert who actually knows more than the people he/she governs.

    It does sound a little like elitism and oligarchy, but I would have absolutely no problem forcing civil servants and politicians – especially the President/Prime Minister of a country – to pass IQ tests (and others, for the sake of consistency) before being allowed to, you know, govern people. We’re talking about those who are in charge of everything from the economy to the military, so they sure as hell had better have a brain in their heads, at least.

    Good post, and thanks for the tweet. Gonna mention this, too. =)