Sunday, 23 August 2009

Diana Watch

I was going to try and get through a blog without mentioning the Daily Mail but I've can't, sorry. But I will try and limit it to just this one mention.
There is a story on the website about Alan Scard, the chairman of a Conservative association in Hampshire who seems to maybe made a joke that he would only choose a female candidate if she was attractive. Well he claims it was a joke. “That's my sense of humour...” he said. Well that ok then. I think he's a sexist tosser but that just my sense of humour and social justice.
What really annoyed me, because that was just a story about some old Tory bloke and I'm surprised he managed to get through a Channel 4 interview without offending non-Christian religions, the disabled and non-whites as well, was, as usual I suppose, the comments on this article. Why do we still allow misogyny? The worst of the comments was from a.langley, sitts,kent who wrote, “Women in government have proved a total disaster whatever they look like, so should all be banned. We don't need window dressing in parliament.”
He seems to be forgetting Margaret Thatcher and as a Mail reader this is a surprising omission. I think she was a disaster but Mail reading man still gets a bit of a semi when they think of her breaking the unions. Although the readers and the writers of that paper, and the Tories come to think of it, do seem to have forgotten everything that happened before 1997 and everything that they used to stand for. They now complain about capitalism.
Ooh, I've just noticed this idiots comment as well, “We had a Labour PM Helen Clark here who was going to wreck the country and thankfully she got voted out. There is no way I would vote for a female MP after that. Some jobs are better done by men and some are better done by women.” Robard Sinclair (Brit Expat), Auckland, NZ.
And so types a single man, on his own, in his pants, in the middle of the night.
There was also a story about a man who didn't like house work, had a corneal transplant and now really likes it. It's a personality change we are told. Oh and that housework is womens work. One “reader” wrote “ Its a little documented fact that in some instances, apposing genes in a transplant will murge and the recipient will take on the characteristics of the donor, wether good or bad
Blood transfusions could also lead to this happening and thats why there is a push for artificial blood” That man was John, Basildon. By the way, that is his own spelling; I just copied and pasted it. There a number of issues here but it isn't “a little documented fact”, it's actually quite well documented. Over considerable time the host's DNA does seem to invade the DNA of transplanted organ.
Some other moron wrote “This simple fact is that if this tranplanted cell was from a woman then the DNA of her would be affective in this man. This is NOT ROCKET SCIENCE!
Has this man ever read Frankeinsteins MONSTER? Or how about reading the Bible were God destroyed all the nations of Cannan for misusing their sperm and eggs to mix with animals and birds......... That is why the Romans worshiped half animal and humas Gods.............. Hundreds of them!!” Valerie, Hanworth Middlesex. What on earth are you going on about? Again, her spelling.
And the readers seem to know nothing of the modern world. They have been told that there is product placement on American television shows that are shown over here, they were disgusted, and they have also learnt about banking rules for Muslims. They don't seem to know that Islam frowns upon the charging of interest on loans, thus, when Lloyds TSB offer a massively reduced overdraft fee for Muslims in order to tempt then from their usual banks, well I think you can guess. A simply business story is turned into a “Political Correctness gone mad” story.
Do these people know anything about the modern world? I know that they want England to go back to 1955 when there were no brown people or other foreigns, you could leave your front door unlocked and you wouldn't get burgled, unless you were my Grandparents. When domestic violence was acceptable.
Sorry, I'll stop now but these people are holding our country back.
The Express on the other hand is telling us all to cheer up.
I want to raise a glass to Scotland and the rather brave decision it took on Thursday. Abdelbaset Ali al-Megrahi, the only man convicted of the Lockerbie bombing, was released from prison on compassionate grounds as he has prostate cancer and has, according to several medical experts, about 3 months left to live.
There has been a massive amount of fuss made about this, about how it makes a mockery of justice, he showed no compassion for the victims of the bombing etc. All of these arguments have some weight but most of them were tackled by Scottish Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill in his statement,

The most fuss has come from America as most of the victim were from there but I think that treating those who offend us with compassion shows bravery.
America calls itself a Christian country, as does Scotland and England, yet the only country follow the teachings of the Bible (at least the New Testament bit) seems to be the Scottish. Does not the Bible teach forgiveness and compassion? Did not Jesus on the cross say, “forgive them father for they know not what they do”? He asked for forgiveness for the people who had just nailed him to a plank of wood.
They seem to be stuck in the revenge filled Old Testament bit where God was jealous and bitter, where the slaughter of other religions was encouraged.
The state must be above such things if our world is ever to move forward.
Don't get me wrong, I understand people's desire for retribution and revenge but it doesn't really get us anywhere. Someone does something to you and you take you revenge. Then they avenge those deaths and you retaliate, and on and on the cycle goes. Israel and Palestine anyone?
The Scottish decision is more noteworthy simply because they have defied the U.S., which isn't something that happens that often.

Bit serious again this week, sorry about that. So let us move on to the awards,

The Award for Proud Family Moment of the Coming Week,
This goes to my Brother who will be appearing on BBC 6music on Monday afternoon. He will be on the Steve Lamacq show at about 16:45 on the Good Day/Bad Day feature. Give it a listen. The show is usually very good but will have an extra dimension of goodness tomorrow.

The Award for Over Zealous Labelling/Taking Your Job Too Seriously,
I finally got my name badge for new work this week and this was in the packet with it,

They seem really proud of the badges that they make, which is nice.

The Award for Well Der!
A cross party group of MP's has stated it's concern that weapons sold by and made in this country have been used to against people in breach of their human rights. Really? I can't imagine that. We genuinely seem to have a policy that we will sell arms to pretty much everyone as long as they don't use them to breach their human rights.
I'm sure that you average army goes through it's inventory to check who made this weapon or that weapon before shooting in the general direction of an oppressed minority.
The stock excuse from Arms dealers is “Well if we don't sell them [the weapons] too them then someone else will” which is weak arsed reasoning. If no one sold baddies weapons then they wouldn't have any weapons. Capitalism as a reason for slaughter, that's the way we run our economy. How do these people sleep at night.

A quick mention of sports stuff as England/Great Britain have done rather well this week.
At the World Athletics Championships we have done quite well. Phillips Idowu won Gold in the triple jump. We got a bronze in the Men’s 4x100m relay. Jenny Meadows won Bronze in the Woman's 800m.
In the cricket England are poised to win the Ashes and at the European Grand Prix Lewis Hamilton is on pole.
A good week for British sport I think you will agree.
Oh I've just noticed that there seems to be a video on the BBC website athletics section called “Rimmer forces his way though”, made me chuckle.

Hope you all have a good week, I'm going to be spending today listening to cricket and watching the Grand Prix and the rest of the week applying for jobs. I wrote to 2 independent book shops in Dorchester this week offering my services, haven't heard anything back from them, I'm assuming that that's a no then.

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