Friday, 16 January 2009

Stop Touching Me

Dear Pregnant Woman,
Hi, how are you doing? Not too much back pain? Are people offering you their seats on public transport? Enough with the small talk then, now down to business. I think I now understand how you feel. Not with the strange thing growing inside you side of things (although I did once have a tape worm, does that count?), no, no, but with the invasion of your personal space thing. I am currently rocking a furry little beard and it looks ok but today, within the space of 5 minutes, 2 women came up to me and stroked it! I’m sorry? What do you think you are doing? Do you go up to pregnant woman a cop a feel of their roundy bellies? Oh, you do. Well stop it, it’s not very nice. Ask first. Pregnant women of the world you have my sympathy, for this and for all the other things from which you are about to suffer,

Yours Thinking about Shaving,
Martyn xx

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